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Welcome to EL MEXSAL, where the flavors of Mexico and El Salvador come together in a delightful culinary experience. Located at 325 S. Freedom Blvd, Provo, Utah 84601, our restaurant invites you to embark on a remarkable journey of taste and tradition.

Two friendly countries converge in one place to showcase their culinary delights. Mexico, known for its vibrant culture and joyful people, offers a tantalizing array of flavors. Our menu brings to life the exquisiteness of Mexican cuisine, with its rich and sometimes spicy flavors derived from a harmonious blend of pre-Hispanic and European ingredients. Come and explore this remarkable culinary tradition with us.

Mexican & Salvadorian Food

But not far from Mexico lies El Salvador, a country that captivates with its unique and delicious cuisine. At EL MEXSAL, we proudly present the standout dish of El Salvador: PUPUSAS. These thick, handmade corn tortillas filled with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, pork rinds, refried beans, and loroco, have become an iconic part of Salvadoran gastronomy. Discover the flavors that have made pupusas a beloved staple food, right here in our restaurant.
At EL MEXSAL, we celebrate the best of both worlds by offering a diverse menu that showcases the traditions, versatility, and affordability of Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine. Our talented chefs meticulously craft each dish, ensuring an authentic and memorable dining experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of flavors, textures, and aromas that will transport you to the heart of Mexico and El Salvador.

We invite you to visit us at EL MEXSAL, where passion meets flavor and hospitality knows no bounds. Indulge in our exceptional culinary creations, embrace the warmth of our service, and make unforgettable memories. Your journey through the tastes of Mexico and El Salvador awaits you at EL MEXSAL, right here in Provo, Utah.

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